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Klados Winery

The winery is built in farmland and is surrounded by a young vineyard planted with the famous Rethymnon white grape variety of 'Vidiano' and olive groves. The main crop of the area is olive oil and in the summer melons and water melons that can be seen on traders desks on the main road, along the Panormo junction. Our site offers unobstructed views to the surrounding hills and valleys, over looking the mount of 'Psiloreitis' in the south east, the village of Skepasti to the east and Perama to the south. It is open land and exposed to both southerly and northerly winds, that can be a nuisance particularly in the summer. The last 1km of access road leaving the motorway, is a narrow mudtruck and needs to be handled with care. It goes through spectacular old olive groves and beautiful colorful wild flowers. The sightseeings of our area apart from the beautiful coast line of the Cretan Sea, are the villages of Panormo and Bali, beaches, souvenir shops, and tavernas where one can sample Cretan delicacies and fresh local wine. Close by is the celebrated Geropotamos beach. For those interested in history, there are the ruins of ancient Eleftherna, one of the oldest cities of Crete and the Melidoni cave with its ancient as well as modern history and natural beauty, located near their respective modern villages. Finally, only a few kilometres from our winery you can find the traditional village Margarites. With history that spans over centuries, it is one of the greatest centers for pottery in Greece.

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